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2013 Vol. 11 Nos. 1-2

Moving On journal: Special Issue: Focus on Dr. Marcia B. Leventhal Volume 11, No. 1-2

Edited by Jane Guthrie with Naomi Aitchison and others

This collection of writings by Dr. Marcia Leventhal includes reprints of historic articles, and some articles not previously published. It includes writings on the influences that led to Dr Leventhal’s strong views about the essential nature of dance as a therapy; the impact she had on the development of dance therapy and the emergence of dance therapy in Australia. The issue also contains the history of the successful dance movement therapy training program that Dr. Leventhal set up in Australia that can be read about in contributions from Tony Norquay and Jennifer Helmich.

There are also writings by others about her work and reminiscences from friends, colleagues and students, including Iris Rifkin-Gainer, Patricia Capello, Jane Wilson Cathcart, Anne Marie Ruta Buchanan and Professor M. Linda Graham from the USA. Jenny Czulak Riley, Elizabeth Loughlin, Elizabeth Mackenzie, Jane Refshauge, Naomi Audette and Fran Ostroburski are some of the contributors from Australia, along with Gerry Harrison and Amanda Kougioufa from the UK, and Nina Alkalay from Greece. The volume is generously illustrated with many photographs from Dr. Leventhal’s career as a dancer, actor, therapist and dance therapy educator. This impressive record of one of the pioneers of dance movement therapy would make a valuable addition to the collection of anyone interested in the history of dance movement therapy education and practice.

Bibliography of writings by Dr. Marcia Leventhal
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