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The DTAA has a collection of dance and dance movement therapy related titles available for loan to members. The Library is located in Hawthorn East VIC. We welcome donations and suggestions for purchases. Items can be posted to members upon receipt of a deposit.

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Loan period: One month. An extension of one month will be allowed, providing this is requested by the due return date and if there isn’t a waiting list for the item. Loans may be further extended by negotiation with the librarian.

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Magazines, journals, theses, etc.

ADTA American Journal of Dance Therapy

Volume 27, Number 1 Spring/ Summer 2005

Volume 27, Number 2 Fall/ Winter 2005

Volume 28, Number 1 Spring/Summer 2006

Volume 28, Number 2 Fall/ Winter 2006

Volume 29, Number 1 Spring/Summer 2007

Volume 29, Number 2 Fall/ Winter 2007

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Volume 19, 2008

Volume 20, 2009

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DVD: ADTA New York chapter, (2008) Moving Stories: Portraits of Dance Movement Therapy. A documentary that reveals the powerful healing potential of movement, NY Chapter ADTA: New York.

Conquest of Emptiness – Trudi Schoop and Come Dance With Me – Trudi Schoop

(with thanks to Joan Chodorow who generously made these two available to us.)

A Time to Dance – Norma Canner (A copy of the interview by Vivien Marcow, published in the ADTA American Journal of Dance Therapy Vol. 12 No. 2, Fall/Winter 1990, is available to read with the hire of this video.)

At The Threshold: A journey to the sacred through the integration of Jungian psychology and the expressive arts – Carolyn Grant Fay.

Freedom to Move Dunphy, Kim and Scott, Jenny

Other Publications/Papers

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Book and music cassette

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The Library collections includes significant contributions from the Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation and Linda Leah.