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Complaints, Grievances and Appeals Procedure

Dance movement therapists (dmts) work to very high ethical standards and are required to comply with DTAA’s Code of Ethics (Appendix A).

The DTAA offers a set of complaints, grievances, and appeals procedures to its members and the general public for making complaints about the services of its DMT members at Associate, Provisional Professional, Professional and Clinical Supervisor membership levels.

The DTAA’s complaints, grievances and appeals processes laid out in Appendix E are not legal procedures. Dmts are aware of and comply with the Australian national, state, and territory laws. Similarly, the Code of Ethics is not a substitute for the law, including limited relevant legislation and case law. If there is any conflict between DTAA’s processes and the law, the law takes precedence.

Download Complaints Grievances and Appeals PDF

DTAA Complaints Form, Supplement Document 1
DTAA Grievance Form, Supplement Document 2
DTAA Appeals Form, Supplement Document 3
DTAA Complaints Process, Supplement Document 4
DTAA Grievances Process, Supplement Document 5