Welcome to the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia

The Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia (DTAA) is the recognised professional body for dance movement therapy in Australasia. It sets the standards for Professional and Provisional Professional levels of membership, training and supervision. The DTAA also warmly welcomes General and Student members.

The DTAA promotes the growth, development and recognition of the dance movement therapy profession in Australasia by:

  • establishing and maintaining standards for training, research and professional practice
  • providing a means of communication, education and networking between dance movement therapists, other health professionals, employers and clients
  • liaising with other relevant peak and professional bodies
  • providing information and resources for dance movement therapy practitioners, students and the wider community
  • offering Provisional Professional and Professional Membership status to applicants who meet the training criteria, and Associate, Student or Overseas membership to others interested in dance movement therapy.

Member resources include the opportunity for recognition as a dance movement therapist, bi-annual journal, regular news of events, insurance, library and professional development opportunities.


DTAA recognises, acknowledges and respects the ancestors, elders and families of all Indigenous peoples of the lands on which we stand and practice.

Upcoming Events: More information for all of these here

Research Forum Tuesday March 24, 5-6pm (AEST), 7-8pm (NZ)

DTAA members are encouraged to join what is a friendly, energised, ‘book-club’ style experience, engaging participants with research in an open, inclusive, and yet rigorous manner. Research articles will cover a wide range of topics and include studies from both qualitative as well as quantitative research traditions.

Article for Discussion this month is: Hawe, P. (2009). Community recovery after the 2009 bushfires: a rapid review. Melbourne: Victorian Department of Human Services.

Further information here.

Making Connections Suicide Prevention Program (MCSPP) –

POSTPONED to May 2021 – Expressions of interest open.

Observe – Understand – Respect (OUR)

The Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia (DTAA) and The Creative Arts and Music Therapy Research Unit of Melbourne University (CAMTRU), are excited to welcome Associate Professor Susan Imus to Melbourne to give a two-day presentation and training that offers a unique approach to suicide prevention.

More information here.

Enquiries: Jane Guthrie 0451924015; Email: info@dtaa.org.au

Resources on the website:

Annual Report 2018-2019 now available here.

Webinar: DTAA’s Competency Standards for Dance Movement Therapy: what are they are, and what do they mean for our profession? 

A recording of this event now available on the Competencies Standards page.

DTAA NDIS resources webinar – now available on-line

Learn more about new DTAA NDIS materials and how they might be used to advance employment options and capability here.  Hosted by President Kim Dunphy and presented by consultant and Prov Prof member Tessa Hens.