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2008 Vol. 7 Nos. 1-2

‘Moving On’ journal: Special Hanny Exiner Commemorative Edition

Jane Guthrie and Naomi Aitchison

This special edition of DTAA’s journal commemorates and celebrates the life and work of Johanna (Hanny) Exiner (1918 – 2006). The book is a luxuriously compiled collection of writings by Hanny, writings by others about her work and reminiscences from friends, colleagues and students.

It contains the history of Hanny’s early life before she came to Australia, her work in Australia from the late 1930’s, the influences that led her to believe so strongly in the essential nature of dance; the impact she had on the development of educational dance and, later, the emergence of dance therapy in Australia.

This beautiful record of one of the great and rare pioneers in the cultural life of Australia in the twentieth century would make a valuable addition to the collection of anyone interested in the history of modern dance, dance education and dance-movement therapy in Australia.

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