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DTAA Awards

2020 DTAA President’s Award

The President’s Award is given to a member who has (1) achieved distinction in the field, or (2) rendered outstanding service to their community, AND (3) rendered outstanding service to, and demonstrated loyal interest in not only DMT but in the DTAA. Members of the Board of DTAA are eligible for this award. Selection for award recipient comes from DTAA President. 

This award is also new, and will, I believe be awarded very very rarely.  There are three criteria, which were read by Tracey, that the recipient must meet.  The intent of this award is to honour the special person who can and does meet the criteria of DISTINCTION IN THE FIELD OF DMT, OUTSTANDING SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY, AND LOYALTY TO DMT AND DTAA.

This year’s recipient is very very special, and maybe I might say ‘rare’, in my experience.  Her service to the community was honoured earlier this year by her receipt of the Order of Australia medal. Anyone who has seen her CV knows of her prolific research presentations and publications – articles and books –This is true distinction in the field. Additionally, I trust you are aware of her work, with Sue Mullane and others, on the development of the MARA assessment app – addressing a key need for better assessment.  Finally she served as our president from 2016-2019, as vice president for many years prior to that, and as convener and/or member of a number of committees.  Her loyalty and commitment to DTAA is undeniable.

I know that you are aware that the person I am speaking of is Dr. Kim Dunphy, OAM, inaugural recipient of what I hope becomes a very prestigious award.

We congratulate and honour her, and offer our deep gratitude.


2020 DTAA Leadership Award

The DTAA Leadership award is a new award, given to a Provisional Professional member or Professional Registrant of DTAA who demonstrates leadership in the field of DMT.  This may include creating programs for providing DMT services, advocacy in regulatory or legislative affairs, publishing a research project, public relations achievements, winning grants, etc.  More than one award can be given each year. The 2020 DTAA Leadership Award recipient is Jacquelyn Wan. 


2020 DTAA Service Awards

This award is given annually to an individual DTAA member or a DTAA committee for exceptional service in advancing the processes of DTAA and enhancing the viability, recognition, and professionalism of the profession of dance movement therapy. More than one award can be given each year.  The recipients of the 2020 DTAA Service Awards are Connor Kelly (Ethics Committee), Francoise Bale (Ethics Committee), Jane Guthrie (Publications Committee, Professional Development Committee, HEMF Committee, Training Provider’s Committee and the Professional Membership Committee), Jan McConnell (Ethics Committee) and Mary Rose Nicol (Ethics Committee). Congratulations to all!






2019 DTAA Service Awards

The 2019 DTAA Service Award was presented to Robyn Price for her outstanding work as DTAA’s Treasurer and co-convening the Professional Development Committee and then establishment of the NSW branch between 2018-2019.  During her period as Treasurer, she diligently reformed our previous accounting procedures, established protocols for financial management, and created a viable and working budget.  She also astutely shepherded DTAA’s finances allowing the organization to finish the year in profit, while also make the welcome realisation that the two previous years’ finances has also been in surplus. Her work as PDC Co-convener and NSW Branch convener contributed substantially to re-invigoration of energy around DMT in NSW, including many successful events, the hosting of the AGM outside Melbourne for the first time, and significant contribution of new leadership from NSW region. Thankyou Robyn for this highly valued contribution.

2018 Professional Membership Committee

The Inaugural DTAA Service Award was presented at the AGM in October 2018 by President Kim Dunphy to the Professional Membership Committee. The recognition was given to Convener Sandra Lauffenburger and members (pictured L to R), Alberto Dimarucut, Connor Kelly, Eileen McDonald and Anna Schlusser for their outstanding work in advancing the processes of Professional Membership and successful mentoring of more than 50 new professional applicants through the membership process in the last two years.