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The DTAA runs regular continuing professional development events to enable our members to keep up to date with the latest developments in DMT and related areas of professional knowledge. We offer activities that will enable all members to reach the necessary hours for professional development per year. Most of our events are also open to other interested professionals. Members who have suggestions for PD topics they would like the DTAA to address, or who would like to offer a PD on a topic of their expertise, should contact PD Committee Convenor Jane Guthrie on or Robyn Price on

Cellular Breathing for Dance Movement Therapy: Sunday July 19, 5pm – 7pm AEST – With Tracey Nicholson

This workshop presents the fundamentals of working with the breath for Dance Movement Therapists and body-oriented counsellors and psychotherapists.

In these two hours, Tracey will introduce you to the concept of thoracic mobility, the role of breathing in core stability and anxiety states, and the practical application of cellular breathing in movement-based psychotherapy. Thomas Hanna’s awareness of breath is explored in the relationship of breath with pain, injury, movement, mental health and rehabilitation therapy*.

The workshop is suitable for any Dance Movement Therapist or body-oriented counsellor or psychotherapist looking to enhance their work with clients and to support their own personal well-being. By the end of the workshop, participants will:

• be more aware of their breath and its impact on body sensation;
• be able to identify breathing at a cellular level and the impact breathing has on a client’s daily function and potential;
• have more knowledge of how breath patterns contribute to neuromuscular and psychological encoding; and
• how anatomical knowledge of breathing enhances health and relaxation; together with
• knowledge of the healing potential of breath analysis in movement therapy.

Spots are strictly limited, book now to secure your place.

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Research Forum – Wednesday August 26, 5.30pm – 6.30pm AEST, 7.30pm – 8.30pm NZ by zoom. 

Our Research Forum this month focusses on a new article published in Moving On by Tessa Hens and Kim Dunphy: Planning a dance movement therapy program for participants with intellectual disability: considering National Disability Insurance Scheme, host agency and dance movement therapy priorities.

The article is relevant for all dance movement therapists across Australasia because it supports practitioners to consider how they can align the potential offering of DMT and funding requirements of various agencies. While it specifically names the NDIS system in Australia, the same principle would apply for ACC in New Zealand and any other generic funding scheme that could potentially support DMT. It also provides DM therapists a model for how they might clarify the objectives of their own programs to make them funding body-compatible and enable reporting of relevant outcomes to stakeholders.

Each hour long forum enables participants to claim one hour DTAA CPD Category A. DTAA members can access further information including the forum link and article download via the members only section on the DTAA website here.

Enquiries: Kim Dunphy,