Competencies for dance movement therapists

The Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia recognises the following competencies as fundamental to professional practice of dance movement therapy. All dance movement therapists need to meet the following competencies:

  1. Knowledge of dance movement therapy theory and practice.
  2. Knowledge of dance theory and practice
  3. Skills in application of dance movement therapy theory and practice.
  4. Expertise in movement observation, assessment and evaluation.
  5. Knowledge of therapeutic processes in individual* and group work* as related to dance movement therapy.
  6. An understanding of the nature of the therapeutic intervention; its intention and related responsibilities.
  7. Skills and experience in counselling and psychology
  8. Knowledge of human anatomy and physiology
  9. Ability to fulfil professional roles and responsibilities within various settings and therapeutic situations
  10. Knowledge of a variety of client groups, i.e. range of ages, issues, settings, and an understanding of relevant therapeutic approaches and goals
  11. Practical experience with at least two populations.
  12. Understanding of research design and methodology as relevant to dance movement therapy
  13. An understanding of the responsibility of professional documentation and evaluation of dance movement therapy practice
  14. An understanding of need for continual professional improvement through ongoing professional development.

The process of Professional Membership provides applicants an opportunity to demonstrate their competency. Recognition of members at Professional (or the intermediary process of Provisional Professional) level offers employers and members of the public assurance that the member has reached this level of competence, through a combination of training, professional practice and supervision.

Competency redevelopment process: An extensive process to re-develop these competencies as been underway over 2017 and 2018. New competencies are expected to be completed and presented at the AGM in October 2018.

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