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Jenny Czulak Riley

Jenny Czulak Riley – Bio


Jenny Czulak Riley 1924-2011

Grad.Dip. Movement & Dance (University of Melbourne), Grad Cert. Dance Therapy (University of Melbourne) was a founding member of the DTAA, author of Growing Older, Dancing On, and an experienced dance group leader for older adults. In one interview, Jenny said: “It all started with Hanny Exiner – she being the most fertile source of inspiration for dance educators in my generation; I being one of the pioneers of the ABC’s educational TV programmes for schools…” and from this point Jenny C.R. had some wonderful tales to tell from many years ago particularly in regards to performing TV epics, using some of Hanny’s primary age dance students as the performers. Tributes to and further stories about Jenny are in “Moving On” (2012) , Vol. 10: nos 1 & 2. Jenny conceptualised, co-wrote and directed “Free to Move”, an ABC radio programme for primary school children. In more recent times, she was assistant author of Dance Therapy Redefined by Hanny Exiner and Denis Kelynack. Her active involvement over 30 years with the growth and development of dance movement therapy went back to well before the formation of the DTAA. She was on a committee to further dance education, which became Ausdance, and from this the DTAA was eventually formed. Even in her’80’s, she was still totally devoted to dance and gave generously of her time and energies to support the dance movement therapy profession in so many ways.

Reflections on Connections and Influences

Edition: 2004 Vol. 3 No. 3

Awareness through movement (ATM), Feldenkrais, Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy, Ideokinesis, Alexander Technique

This is an excerpt from the content:

A very inspiring and successful professional development day organised by the DTAA and Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation took place on Saturday 4th September, 2004 at Cecil Street Studio.

Ana Irene Gioino reflected on her experience of the workshop: ‘The Dance that connects Feldenkrais and Dance Therapy’, presented by Bella Grossberg, which involved an Awareness Through Movement (ATM), a gentle Feldenkrais session that led into a beautiful personal dance experience. Jenny Czulak Riley reflected on her experience of  Susan Maling’s workshop, ‘The Conscious Body and Emotional Expression’ which provided an experiential exploration of Wilhelm Reich’s (originator of body-based psychotherapy) influence on her work. In conclusion Robyn Price reflected on her experience of the workshop led by Shona Innes: ‘Ideokinesis, Alexander Technique and Dancing’. She touched on the Alexander Technique, but demonstrated in particular how Ideokinesis can facilitate dance experience and integrate imagination and body and allow a deep connection to spontaneous creativity. (pp 15-18)

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Wilhelm Reich

Edition: 2004 Vol. 3 No. 3

psychoanalysis, neuropsychology, psychotherapeutic, breathing postures, touch, bioenergetics, Orgone Energy

A brief overview of William Reichs’ (originator of body-based psychotherapy) career path is outlined commencing with his graduation as a doctor of medicine, moving on to reference to his alternative views, scientific experimentation and research and concluding with a focus on his theoretical perspectives of the body. Amongst Reich’s huge range of theories and discoveries, a focus is given to expanding on how his theories of the body have possibly influenced dance movement therapy, with a link to psychotherapeutic studies and the use of touch. (pp 19-20)

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Let There Be Light! Phillip Light – Interviewed

Edition: 2006 Vol. 5 No. 2

African dance, drumming, percussion, Elderly, Disability, Children, Aboriginal Culture

Jenny shares a conversation with Phillip about his dance journey from Israeli folk dance to working with a wide range of groups offering drumming, Cultural dance classes and dance movement therapy experiences. Diverse travel and cultural experiences overseas and throughout Australia are reflected upon. These have inspired Phillip’s unique approach to working with; elderly clients who may have dementia, with physically and intellectually disabled children and teenagers and more recently clients with acquired brain injury. (pp 10-13)

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Book Review Dementia: Walking not Wandering – Fresh approaches to understanding and practice

Edition: 2006 Vol. 5 Nos. 3-4

Mary Marshall & Kate Allan for the Journal of Dementia Care

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A Conversation with Denis Kelynack

Edition: 2008 Vol. 7 Nos. 3-4

Denis Kelynack, Past President of the DTAA and member of the Association since its inception (and in fact involved in dmt long before that as you will read in this feature), was interviewed by Jenny Czulak Riley, Grad. Dip. Movement & Dance (University of Melbourne), Grad Cert. Dance Therapy (University of Melbourne) who is also a founder member of the DTAA, and someone who worked hard towards the formation of the Association. She completed her Grad. Dip. in 1979, but was involved in using dance movement a very long time before that. She is the author of Growing Older, Dancing On, and is an experienced dance therapy group leader for older adults. This is a conversation between two revered pioneers of dmt in Australia. (pp 3-7)

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Reminiscences of early days of television at the ABC

Edition: 2010 Vol. 9 Nos. 1-2

ABC educational radio, Hanny Exiner, children, expressive dance, body-mind, Ausdance

Jenny reflects and shares humorous anecdotes from her pioneering work in educational TV programmes for children. Her collaborative work with Hanny Exiner in this setting became the creative catalyst for her shift into dance movement therapy. (p.10)

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