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Ana Gioino

Ana Gioino – Bio


Ana was born in Argentina and completed advanced studies in English and French, has a Dip. Journalism and B.A. in Modern Literature and worked as a teacher and journalist writing poetry and social satire. Since arriving in Australia, she has become a professionally accredited translator, has a Grad, Dip and Post Grad. Dip and M. Ed. in information technology and has worked as a radio journalist, language and IT teacher. She has completed diplomas in painting and printmaking and various courses in movement and dance which are her greatest passions. This includes the Dance therapy stream in the Grad. Dip. Visual and Performing Arts at RMIT, Melbourne.

Reflections on Connections and Influences

Edition: 2004 Vol. 3 No. 3

Awareness through movement (ATM), Feldenkrais, Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy, Ideokinesis, Alexander Technique

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A very inspiring and successful professional development day organised by the DTAA and Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation took place on Saturday 4th September, 2004 at Cecil Street Studio.

Ana Irene Gioino reflected on her experience of the workshop: ‘The Dance that connects Feldenkrais and Dance Therapy’, presented by Bella Grossberg, which involved an Awareness Through Movement (ATM), a gentle Feldenkrais session that led into a beautiful personal dance experience. Jenny Czulak Riley reflected on her experience of  Susan Maling’s workshop, ‘The Conscious Body and Emotional Expression’ which provided an experiential exploration of Wilhelm Reich’s (originator of body-based psychotherapy) influence on her work. In conclusion Robyn Price reflected on her experience of the workshop led by Shona Innes: ‘Ideokinesis, Alexander Technique and Dancing’. She touched on the Alexander Technique, but demonstrated in particular how Ideokinesis can facilitate dance experience and integrate imagination and body and allow a deep connection to spontaneous creativity. (pp 15-18)

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About Depression on Mind and Body

Edition: 2005 Vol. 4 No. 1

mental illness, symptoms, meditation, relaxation techniques, creativity, hormone balance

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“As an introduction to this article Ana offers an impressionistic vignette of depression as it impacts on mind, feeling and body of depressed people based on the material she has been studying, observations and personal interactions.” The article then overviews depression, including the symptoms, causes and refers to the National Action Plan for Depression in outlining the seriousness of this disorder. A description of what has been helpful for some depressed individuals with or without psychotherapy and medication, expands upon the various benefits of DMT in contributing key therapeutic changes. (pp 19-23)

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