Tobi Zausner

Tobi Zausner – Bio


Tobi has an interdisciplinary doctorate in Art and Psychology and a Licensed Master of Social Work; she is also an award‐winning visual artist with works in major museums and in private collections around the world.  Dr. Zausner writes and lectures widely on the psychology of art and human potential at academic conferences and charitable events, while teaching psychology at Saybrook University. She is an officer on the Board of A.C.T.S (Arts, Crafts, and Theatre Safety), a non‐profit organization investigating health hazards in the arts and is also on the Board of All Sentient Beings, an animal rescue organization. Her book, When Walls Become Doorways: Creativity and the Transforming Illness (Harmony/Random House,2007), is about the influence of physical illness on the creative process of visual artists.


Creativity, Resilience, and Chaos Theory

Edition: 2012 Vol. 10 Nos. 1-2

transform, complexity, entropy, unconscious power, artists, pain, emotions

Human resilience is always a creative act, chosen in response to challenges and adversity in life whilst compared to the entropy that results when systems deteriorate. It is discussed with reference to famous artists’ creative responses to: illness, disability, pain and psychological struggles. The author proposes that both making and looking at art stimulate a resilience that is within us all the time. (pp 39-41)

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