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Sue, B.B.Sc., B.Ed (Counselling), and M.A. Member of A.P.S. Sue has over twenty years of working in a range of community settings and organizations with a focus on community development and counselling. In recent years, she has conducted her own private counselling practice and studied at the Melbourne Institute of Experiential and Creative Arts in Therapy (MIECAT). Sue has taught in the Graduate Diploma and Masters program at MIECAT. She is passionate about experiential and collaborative ideas in the field of therapy, community work and education.


Dancing the Moment: The Intersubjective Dialogue in Dance Therapy

Edition: 2009 Vol. 8 Nos. 1-2

MIECAT form of inquiry, Stern, presence, movement phrase, key words, in-dwelling, clustering

The following article was written by Heather and Sue on their workshop given at the third Dance-Movement Therapy Conference – ‘Weaving The Threads’ – in Melbourne in 2007.

Sue and Heather led a workshop offering participants experiences of; presence, intersubjective dialogue through dance and recognition of moments of experiencing and the possibilities of co-creation and connection. The participants used some of the intersubjective, creative arts procedures from the Miecat form of inquiry to make sense of a moment of dancing with each other. Sue reflected on a significant moment from her witnessing a pair of dancers, by using and explaining the Miecat form inquiry ‘procedures’ to make sense of this experience. (pp 8-12)

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