ARBN 633105736

Sarah Jones

A Great Leap Forward

Edition: 2008 Vol. 7 Nos. 3-4

family therapy, couples therapy, systems theory, verbalising, family patterns, couples choreography

Sarah’s paper was originally published in The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 30, 1: 18-25, and has been reprinted here with the kind permission of the journal’s editors. 

This article on the work of DTAA Honorary Professional Member Denis Kelynack, psychologist and therapist was published in 1993, one year before the Incorporation of the DTAA. Still early days in the history of Australian dance-movement therapy. So the article is really interesting from a historical perspective as one example of how so many Australian practitioners, who completed early training in this country, developed dance movement therapy within the context of their existing employment and other training – in this case Clinical Psychology. (pp 8-10)

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