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Joan S. Ingalls

Joan S. Ingalls – Bio


Joan is a registered dance therapist (ADTR) with a master’s degree in psychology/dance therapy and a sports counselor with a doctorate in sports psychology. She is an Association for the Advancement of Applied Psychology (AAAPS) Certified Consultant, listed in the US Olympic Registry of Sports Psychologists 2000 – 2004, author of two books and has a private practice in New York City.

A Sports Counsellor and Social Therapist in Training: Searching for my identity as a dance therapist

Edition: 2003 Vol. 2 No. 4

Interdisciplinary experience, social therapy, sports counselling, athlete treatment, professional development

This paper focuses on the intertwining of social therapy, psychotherapy and group dance therapy. The interdisciplinary experience was a central experience in the author’s own professional development. The therapeutic relationship illustrated in a vignette, focuses on social therapy. Despite achieving similar results to psychotherapy, social therapy enhanced the author’s insight. Links made to current thinking in sociology and psychotherapy conclude the article. (pp 11-16)

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