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Elizabeth Moser

Elizabeth Moser – Bio


Elizabeth is a psychologist, psychotherapist and dance therapist. After a few years of dancing with a group of amateur dancers in Geneva, she started teaching dance while continuing her work as a psychologist in institutions for children and in psychiatry. Participation in some courses and training with Trudi Schoop in a psychiatric hospital showed her the possibility of combining psychology and dance. She did her training in psychotherapy and dance therapy at the Fritz Perls Institute in Duesseldorf, Germany. From 1988 until 2003 she worked with the DGT as a trainer for dance therapy education and training in Germany and Switzerland, and was in charge of the Swiss section of the DGT in Basel. Since 1984 Elisabeth Moser has had her own dance and gymnastics studio in Basel, which also now includes her private practice in psychotherapy. She mainly works with adult clients. However, rather by coincidence, she started working with children again in 1996, using the Tomatis method or Audio- Psycho-Phonology, which is another method of “training perception through the senses”.

Dance Therapy in Switzerland

Edition: 2003 Vol. 2 No. 4

Trudy Schoop, Fritz Perls, professional development, psychotherapy, Tomatis method, Psycho-Phonology

An overview is provided of the founding and development of DMT in Switzerland since the 1970s, including the author’s professional journey and her training in Europe. (p. 23)

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