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Don Asker

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The following study was completed by Don Asker in 2001, to fulfill the requirements for his doctorate through the faculty of education at the University of Melbourne.

“Personal meanings and artistic processes: a study of multi-modal improvisation”

The thesis, is available at the University of Melbourne ERC library in Parkville, or at Victorian College of the Arts.

Study abstract: Personal Meanings and Artistic Processes: a study of multi-modal improvisation

Edition: 2004 Vol. 3 No. 1

improvisation, experiential phenomenology, heuristics, hermeneutics, postmodern research, intersubjectivity

This is an excerpt from the content:

This study illuminates the experience of improvisation across modes of artistic forming. It examines the perceptions of a number of artists, including the researcher, who participated over an extended period in a series of multi-modal improvisations and related artistic constructions. Experiential phenomenology, heuristics, and hermeneutics inform the research methodology. The study explores ways of describing the inner experience of artistic making in the context of individual and collaborative processes involving movement, sound, forms of writing, speech and the medium of film. (p. 27)

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