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Dianne Albiston

Dianne Albiston – Bio


Albiston is the Program Manager of the Orygen Youth Health. She trained as an occupational therapist and has a Master of applied science (OT) from Latrobe University, and more than three decades of experience as an occupational therapist and clinical manager in both inpatient and community-based public mental health settings in both rural and metropolitan Victoria.

For almost two decades she has participated in the development of an evolving and innovative model of care at OYH, and the development of the youth mental health paradigm. (Bio sourced from Orygen youth health website)

Mothers with Post-Partum Disorders and Their Babies

Edition: Dance Therapy Collections 1

Keywords: post-partum psychiatric disorder, mother-baby dance, puerperal disorder, bonding, self-confidence, maternal knowledge

Page #:7

This article offers a brief description of a weekly ‘Move and Play’ group, run for mothers with a puerperal disorder and their babies admitted to a mother and baby unit in a psychiatric hospital. The group is offered by an occupational therapist as part of a more comprehensive multi-disciplinary group program. Specific interventions and considerations for therapeutic practice are shared with a focus on improving parent-child bonding, and maternal wellbeing including self-esteem, parenting knowledge and mothering skills.

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