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Cinzia Schincariol

Cinzia Schincariol – Bio


Cinzia Schincariol is interested in improvisation as dance, as performance and composition, as an enquiry and research method, and as the opportunity for healing and integrating the multidimensional aspects of being, time and space. Her artistic and healing practice is inspired by various practitioners in Australia and overseas, by a profound self – healing process and an interest in spirituality and healing within various indigenous communities and cultures. This motivated her to complete a DMT (IDTIA), the Danceability cert. with Alito Alessi, to be part of the ‘Restless Dance Theatre’ education team, to contribute to ‘Company@’, an autistic theatre company and to dance with people of many walks of life and abilities. Currently based in Adelaide, she performs, works as a DMT for a Daycare service for people with disabilities, is part of the ACORN mother and infant project through Anglicare, regularly teaches improvisation, and hosts Authentic Movement and contemplative da nce practice. In the last few years Cinzia has become close to the Qi Gong practice of Alchemy and explorations of energy and applies this to her work.

Performance and therapy – Dancing the space in-between

Edition: 2016 Vol. 13 Nos. 3-4

This paper presents the author’s reflections on the moment and space where a performer an d the audience meet. The author draws on material that was developed in collaboration with colleagues also interested in the moment when something private becomes something public. The author asks “Is there, within this, an opportunity and a space for heal ing, and for transformation, to occur? For the performer, for the audience, for a place?” She writes about her experiences in delivering a workshop at the D ance Movement T herapy A ssociation’s (DTAA) Conference, Broadening the Spectrum in Melbourne in 2015. She delivered this together with colleagues who joined her as co – presenters. Drawing on all their personal experiences as performers, as therapists, as researchers and as humans, she enthusiastically grasped the opportunity to deepen the conversation wit h the community about performance through an experiential approach. The experience opened – up lots of reflections that are shared in this article.

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