Dance Therapy Association of Australia

How to Join/Renew

Membership of the DTAA

Membership of the DTAA benefits both the member and the broader profession. More about benefits to members here.


New members

The DTAA welcomes applications for new members at all times. Read about membership levels here.

To join, please use our online membership system. The first step for all new members is to create a Currinda profile in the on-line system.

For those seeking to achieve recognition by the DTAA at Associate, Provisional or Professional Member levels, the first step is to join as a General Member using the on-line system, then complete an application form as below and send to The form will be checked and then sent on to the Professional Membership Committee for consideration. On acceptance to a new level, the applicant will be advised as to what additional fees are due.



Membership forms

For Associate, Provisional and Professional levels of membership, an application must be completed.

Provisional Professional Membership application form

Professional Membership application form

Associate Membership application form


Renewing members

Annual membership subscriptions are due on July 1 every year. To renew, members can make a payment to the DTAA using the details on the Payment page.
To make changes to their online profiles, members can email the information required to


Membership fees


$200 per annum within Australia. This includes an annual fee of $185 paid to PACFA for each Professional Member;

$95 per annum for members from other areas of Australasia. This fee is less because our non-Australian members are currently not eligible to be members of PACFA.

Provisional Professional: $85 per annum

Associate: $60 per annum

General member: $60 per annum

Student: $50 per annum

Overseas members: $95 covers cost of journal and postage only (no GST included).