Unspoken Stories: The gift of sharing a Movement Therapy space with Adolescents in a Specialist Psychiatric Unit, SE England UK

clinical team, person-centred, transference, counter-transference, themes, Chacian circle, LMA

Tracey reflects on her clinical role as a DMT within an Adolescent Psychiatric Unit, working one to one and in groups with young people experiencing severe and enduring mental health problems. Her clinical focus is to discover and offer a creative unfolding space for what she calls the “unspoken story” for each person. Supported by her role on the unit as both a trainee and then employed as DMT, with supervision and reflective negotiation with the lead charge nurse, Tracey discusses methods and interventions from her evolving practice. These include structure, safety, multi-modal inquiry and exploration of themes whilst ‘working with the delicate notion of formation of identity’ for the young people she journeys with. (pp 2-7)

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