Impressions: The 45th ADTA Conference in Brooklyn, New York City

mirror neurons, Labananalysis, limbic system, brain lateralisation, multimodal, trauma

The 45th ADTA Conference “Creating the Mind-Body Mosaic: Theory, Research, and Practice in Dance/Movement Therapy”, 2010 is described by Jane, covering the keynote address and international panel, the conference highlights and special events – with a more in-depth discussion of her attendance at the following workshops: ‘Embodied Neurobiology with Kalila’ presented by B. Homann, ‘Dance/Movement/Word Therapy: Dance Activism for Human Rights and Social Change’ presented by Bonnie Bernstein and ‘Gene Expression and Neuroplasticity: Implications for Dance/Movement Therapy and Alzheimer’s Disease, presented by Lora Wilson Mau. (pp 55-59)


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