Coming Events

The DTAA runs regular professional development events to enable our members to keep up to date with the latest developments in DMT and related areas of professional knowledge. We offer activities that will enable all members to reach the necessary hours for professional development per year. Most of our events are also open to other interested professionals. Members who have suggestions for PD topics they would like the DTAA to address, or who would like to offer a PD on a topic of their expertise, should contact PD Committee Convenor Jane Guthrie on

Research forum webinars for members, (usually) last Wed of the month, 6-7 pm (Australia EST); 8-9 (NZ).

DTAA Research Committee conveners Sue Mullane and Ella Dumaresq offer members a series of online discussion forums.  A friendly, energised, ‘book-club’ style experience will be fostered to engage participants with research in an open, inclusive, and yet rigorous manner. Each month, participants will be invited to take part in a group discussion  to address questions based on a chosen article relevant to DMT research. Research articles will cover a wide range of topics and include studies from both qualitative as well as quantitative research traditions.

Members of the DTAA are encouraged to join in any of these forums as they are interested. There is no need to commit to attend every month, and no previous experience as a ‘researcher’ is required.

No bookings required, just click on this Zoom link and join in.

August 29; September 26; October 31; November 28.

Each hour-long forum enables participants to claim one hour DTAA CPD Category A.

Enquiries: Sue Mullane or Ella Dumaresq

Next webinar: Wednesday August 29th, 6-7 pm AEST; 8-9 NZ

Forum 6: Allegranti, B. and Wyatt, J. (2014). Witnessing Loss. Qualitative Inquiry, 20(4), pp.533-543.

Guiding Questions:

  • How do you find this article to read? How does it compare to other literature we have looked at so far?
  • What are your responses to the performance-based & aesthetic material presented in this article? (i.e. screen dance, images, use of poetry). Does this evoke any new understandings or curiosity for you, in terms of artistic inquiry in research & practice?
  • How do you understand the role of ‘witnessing’ as presented in this article? Is this similar/different to the ways in which you understand the concept/application of therapeutic witnessing in DMP?
  • The relationship between moving and writing is a central theme: do you have any thoughts around the way in which this aspect of DMP has been presented and theorized? Does it have implications for the ways in which you might explore this in your DMT practice with clients?

Webinar Five Slides

Prof. Sherry Goodill’s slides please download here.

Thinking Bodies: Moving Minds – A Symposium on the Art of Embodiment

Melbourne, Abbotsford Convent 

September 15 & 16, 8:30am – 5:30pm

1 St Heliers Street Abbotsford VIC

In somatics and dance movement therapy practices, embodiment is a core philosophical assumption, one that is so embedded in what we do that we may find it challenging to articulate or identify what we mean by the term. This symposium will offer a wide range of opportunities to investigate and reflect on meanings and experiences of embodiment, in order to share, deepen and enrich our somatic practices.

We invite you to be part of this inaugural Australian somatics symposium, joining leaders from the fields of somatics, dance and dance movement therapy, all of whom share a common interest in embodied practices. The historic Abbotsford Convent provides the perfect venue for this rich program of deeply experiential movement workshops, thoughtful presentations and discussion, reflection and professional development.

For more information please visit the symposium webpage, download flyer or book here.

Annual General Meeting and CPD Weekend,

Fri 26, Sat 27 and Sun 28 October, Edinburgh Gardens meeting room, Fitzroy, Melbourne and by Zoom

Friday 26 October:   PD workshop Writing for Publication, Sue Mullane, 10.30-4.30 pm. Provides 5 hours of CPD. Venue: Fitzroy.

Saturday 27 October: Workshop with international guest presenter Jilba Wallace on ‘Using Neuroscience to explain what DM therapists do’.

Informal dinner, Empress Hotel, corner Nicholson and Scotchmer Sts, North Fitzroy.

Sunday 28 October: AGM meeting, discussions and presentations: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

This day will include: a movement warm-up; our formal AGM including elections for new leadership team; presentation of the final draft of Competencies for DMT Australasia; presentation of the new Constitution for the DTAA; presentation of the HEMF Annual Achievement Award; and ceremony acknowledging and formally welcoming our new Provisional and Professional Members for 2018. Detailed  AGM schedule 2018 (draft as at 3.8.18)

It’s a very important day for our profession where members have the opportunity to learn about and contribute to new developments. Please make your best effort to attend either in person or by Zoom from anywhere!