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Dance movement therapy training programs in Australasia

New Zealand: Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy

This training programme is offered independently by senior dance movement therapists working with Dance Therapy NZ (DTNZ). The next intake for the Certificate Training in Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) will begin in November 28/29 2015. The Certificate will be offered in a part time distance learning format enabling long distance students to participate in the training (six in person weekend modules in Auckland from November 2015-September 2016 plus online tutorials & self study).This Certificate is designed for those who are interested in developing skills to work in the field of dance movement therapy in the future, or those who would like to integrate therapeutic dance into an existing related profession such as counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, teaching, occupational therapy, or physiotherapy. It is also ideal for arts therapy trainees who wish to specialise in dance movement therapy as part of their training.

The course is experiential in nature, utilising current DMT practice and tools to develop embodied skills and understanding. This experiential learning will be supported by a strong theoretical base, provided through lectures, tutorials, coursework and readings throughout the year. Graduates will be eligible to apply for Associate Membership of the DTAA (Dance Therapy Association of Australasia). Training modules will be taught by experienced dance movement therapists, and will include guest presenters who are experts in the field of dance movement therapy, both nationally and internationally.

For those who complete the Certificate in DMT and wish to go on to develop further skills and work one on one using DMT, an Advanced Clinical Practicum in DMT will be offered in 2017, where students will work independently with their chosen population, with monthly online seminars with international DMT experts plus extensive external supervision to support their learning and integration of DMT clinical practice.

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Diploma of Dance Movement Therapy, Phoenix Institute, Melbourne 2015

The Diploma of Dance Movement Therapy is an exciting new course offered at the Phoenix Institute at its Queen St, City campus. The diploma is recognised by the national regulatory body, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to practice dance movement therapy. The qualification provides a basic level of training for work in the field of counselling and psychotherapy, utilising dance movement therapy as the primary means of engaging with diverse client groups. Students develop skills and knowledge in counselling and dance movement therapy theory and practice, and develop capacity to communicate using a range of dance movement-based therapeutic techniques.

The Diploma presents an integrative holistic approach to dance movement therapy and its functions in addressing emotional, cognitive, social, behavioural and physical concerns of individual clients and groups. It draws from psychodynamic, systemic and humanistic models, underpinned by skills training in Laban Movement Analysis (LMA). Through theory and practice students are encouraged to develop their own unique style, philosophy and approach to dance movement therapy practice.

On completion of the Diploma, students can apply for Associate Membership of the Dance Therapy Association of Australasia (DTAA) and have the potential to apply dance movement therapy in the field. Graduates may be eligible to apply for Professional Membership of the Association after two years of post-training experience and 250 hours of supervised practice.

Program will run 9.30-4.30 on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the year, with breaks in school holidays.

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IDTIA: International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia, Melbourne

The International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia (IDTIA) has trained dance movement therapists since 1989 and runs courses at Introductory, Certificate and Advanced Clinical Training levels. The Teaching Faculty, all experienced professional dance movement therapists and teachers currently practising in their respective fields, are graduates of the IDTIA Advanced program who received their training from American dance movement therapist and International educator, Dr Marcia Leventhal PhD CMA ADTR.

The Advanced Clinical Training in Dance Therapy is a part-time coursework, fieldwork and supervision programme run over three years which has an optional exit point at the end of the first year of study. Students exiting after successfully completing this first year of study are awarded the Certificate in Dance Therapy and can apply to DTAA for associate membership.

Training contains three major aspects:

  • personal movement experience – to understand the power of dance in contributing to growth and change;
  • theoretical frameworks – drawn from relevant developmental, humanistic and psycho-dynamic frameworks; and
  • application  – supervised observation and practice with populations who have therapeutic needs.

The training is highly experiential, supported by theoretical teaching and practicum. There is provision for interstate students through the module system and interstate tutors.

The Certificate year comprises 180 hours of direct training modules, supplemented by the dyad movement observation project (20 hours) and the dance movement therapy practice project (20 hours) to learn from experienced dance movement therapists and begin to contribute under their supervision. The year is structured into six intensive week-end training modules and evening tutorials which include: Dance movement processes, History of dance movement therapy as a healing art, Creative processes and group processes, Human development related to movement studies, Theoretical frameworks and healing modalities, and Therapeutic application.

Successful completion of the IDTIA Certificate can lead to Advanced Training which includes additional modules plus 180 hours of fieldwork with regular supervision provided by experienced dance movement therapists currently practicing in the field. At the end of this Advanced work trainees will be conducting their own dance movement therapy programs and, on award of the Advanced Clinical Training in Dance Therapy, may apply to DTAA for professional membership.

The Institute is also developing an Alumni program for IDTIA graduates with Advanced short courses, including training facilitated by IDTIA Founding Director of Training, Dr. Marcia Leventhal.

Attendance at an Introduction to Dance Therapy workshop is expected for selection and orientation.

For more information: IDTIA website


Training overseas

The following list provides information about dance movement therapy and other training that may be of interest to dance movement therapists, that has been provided to us for advertising.

A comprehensive list of dance movement therapy training programs is available from the ADTA website.

First UK Certification Programme in Laban Movement Studies
Moving Forth in Scotland is collaborating with Laban Institute for Movement Studies® New York (LIMS® NY) to offer in Scotland an accredited Certification Programme in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies® First UK Certification Programme in Laban Movement Studies
Moving Forth in Scotland bring LMA/BF training from Laban Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS), NY, to the UK.
LMA is not simply a tool to ‘understand, classify and interpret human movement’ but a framework that enables the student to become immersed in their embodied experience of self, offering a new depth of self-knowledge and a clearer awareness of other. Laban Studies raise the profile and volume of non-verbal expression – in artistic and mundane contexts. Those who will benefit from these studies include dance movement therapists, actors, artists, musicians, health and body practitioners.
Programme Coordinator: Karen Studd CMA ISMETA, Principal Assistant: Susan Scarth SrDMP CMA.
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Roehampton University, UK: MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy
The uniquely interdisciplinary MA course in DMP integrates theoretical, experiential and clinical learning, preparing students to practice as dance movement psychotherapists. Cutting edge research cascades into teaching emphasising the social, biological and psychological construction of the moving body and meaning-making. Students are encouraged to develop a self-reflexive practice and the ability for critical reflection on creative processes. On successful completion of the MA students enter the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK professional register.
Programmes: MA DMP. PHD DMP. Foundation Course in Dance Movement Psychotherapy.
Enquiries: Course convener Beatrice Allegranti Email: Tel: +44 (0)20 8392 3377
Geoffery Unkovich Lecturer in Dance Movement Psychotherapy Email:
Yeva Feldman Lecturer in Dance Movement Psychotherapy Email:
Centre for Arts Therapies Research CATR

MA Dance & Somatic Well-Being: Connections to the Living Body, University of Central Lancashire
Connections to the Living Body is a unique visionary and pioneering program offering a professional training in Dance & Somatic Movement Education. The program is on the cutting edge of contemporary international practice, exploring the creative skills required to practice with ingenuity, individuality, insight and sensitivity. All sessions are taught in the spirit of self-discovery, non-judgment and self-reflexivity. The course is facilitated through open-ended processes of self-discovery and sensory-imaginal heart-centred educative models.
University of Central Lancashire, School of Creative & Performing Arts Preston PRI 2HE UK
Phone: 0044 (0)1772 892400. Email: | Website

ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Training Association)
Visit ISMETA Website
PO BOX 5903, Albany, NY 12205
Phone: 413-446-6009  Email:

Dance of Life® & Dance Therapy Training Program
Petra Klein and the Jardín Mariposa Team
International Institute for Dance Therapy, IIDT, Jardín Mariposa, Tenerife, España| | |