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The DTAA runs regular professional development events to enable our members to keep up to date with the latest developments in DMT and related areas of professional knowledge. We offer activities that will enable all members to reach the necessary hours for professional development per year. Most of our events are also open to other interested professionals. Members who have suggestions for PD topics they would like the DTAA to address, or who would like to offer a PD on a topic of their expertise, should contact PD Committee Convenor Jane Guthrie on

Liljan Espenak’s Psychomotor Therapy System – with Nana Koch

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 January 2019
Edinburgh Gardens Community Room, Melbourne
Alfred Crescent, North Fitzroy, VIC 3068

The Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia (DTAA) is excited to welcome Nana Koch to Melbourne. Nana was closely mentored by Liljan Espanek – a pioneer of dance movement therapy in the USA – when she was a student, and is now a leader in her field in carrying Espanek’s legacies forward. Join us for this very special event, which is the first time this pioneer’s theories and philosophies, that were strongly influenced by Wigman, Adler and Lowen, have been presented in Australia in this capacity. In this workshop attention is paid to the ways in which Liljan used expressive dance and diagnostic movement tools to facilitate integration, the ideal body, and feelings of well-being. Adler and Lowen’s influence on Espenak’s work is discussed, along with concepts inherent in psychomotor therapy and its areas of application.

By acquainting participants with Espenak’s concepts of diagnosis, restructuring, and integration, they will learn how she used particular exercises to help patients express “the four emotions,” develop muscle-memory, and experience catharsis, all leading to behavioural change.

This two day workshop will be suitable for dance movement therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists and creative arts therapists.

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