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The DTAA runs regular professional development events to enable our members to keep up to date with the latest developments in DMT and related areas of professional knowledge. We aim to offer sufficient hours of PD to assist all members to reach the necessary hours for professional development per year. Most of our events are also open to other interested professionals. Members who have suggestions for PD topics they would like the DTAA to address, or who would like to offer a PD on a topic of their expertise, should contact PD Committee Convenor Jane Guthrie on admin@dtaa.org.au.

Amber Gray Workshop Series: Body as Voice, Restorative Movement Psychotherapy for Survivors of Trauma, December 1st – 4th 2017

When: Dec 1st- Dec 4th 2017
Where: Northcote Townhall, 189 High St, Northcote, Victoria 3078
Limited places please book ahead!
Part 1: Body mind, beginner’s mind of a 3 Part Workshop Series
Amber Gray is returning to Australia to offer her unique body, movement and rhythm-based framework for promoting resiliency and processing traumatic experience in clients who are survivors of traumatic life events. Restorative Movement Psychotherapy (RMP) is a components based framework that promotes embodied presence through structured somatic skills, and verbal and non-verbal processing, to support survivors’ restorative process. It has been cited in numerous peer reviewed and academic chapters, and has been taught in Australia, Haiti, Indonesia, Norway, Lebanon and the United States.

For more detail on the workshop, pricing and registration links please see this flyer: Amber Gray Workshop December 2017

Marylee Hardenbergh coming to Melbourne, January 20th 21st 2018

Marylee Hardenbergh is a DMT and choreographer who loves to organise out door specific choreographies, she has done this for over thirty years. She is the Artistic Director of Global Site Performance and a founding member/original Artistic Director of Global Water Dances.  She has received numerous awards and grants including fellowships for choreography from the National Endowment of the Arts in the USA and the Soros Foundation. She was honored to be Marian Chace lecturer at the American Dance Therapy Association conference in 2015. She’s been a practicing dance therapist for 40 years and has led many movement choirs. She trained under Irmgard Bartenieff and Penny Lewis Bernstein; she is also a Certified Movement Analyst and a Board-Certified DMT. She loves to use space harmony in her work, and brings in a therapeutic sensitivity to all of her choreography.  In Hardenbergh’s workshop planned for Melbourne, she will discuss the therapeutic aspects of creating community-based Movement Choirs and performances. Working together with Melbourne dance and dance therapy communities, her weekend workshop will culminate in creating a site-specific event performed at a place chosen with the participants.
Download flyer.
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