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Dance movement therapy and LMA … Teasing out the essentials

JaneGuthrie  heatherhill

A two day immersion in movement behaviours, observations and analysis

Jane Guthrie and Heather Hill combine to present a workshop that connects LMA theory with practical application in the field. In order to do so, they will draw on specific areas for the purposes of recording movement observations and analysis, program planning and development.

Over the two days, the workshop will cover:

  • A “walk through” the main areas of the LMA framework, drawing on theory, embodied experience/practice and observational exercises which include practicing using the language of LMA.
  • Presentation of how the framework has been applied to a population with dementia for observation, planning and evaluation.  Drawing attention to the psychological and social aspects of LMA, and implications for planning therapeutic interventions with this group of people.
  • Consideration of LMA application to other populations, through case studies from a wide range of areas, and small group discussion and presentation.

Throughout the workshop, there will be opportunities to engage with and embody the LMA theory, to practice observations, and to workshop applications to particular contexts.  Participants are invited to bring in case material from their practice, or consider their own movement profiles and what might be important movement experiences.

Jane is a CMA as well as a DMT and physiotherapist.  Her knowledge and experience from this background is linked with Heather’s approach as a specialist in the area of Dementia and person centred care. Their approaches to using LMA complement each other but come from differing perspectives.  Heather is a DMT who has worked for 30 years with older adults and people with dementia.

For further information and booking details please see our flyer: lma-workshop-2016

Penelope Best Workshop 2016

*Please note due to unforseen circumstances this event will be postponed until next year.  

Penny Best

International presenter Penelope Best has extensive experience as an embodied practitioner in integrative psychotherapy, training, supervision and research.  She is a registered senior dance movement psychotherapist (DMP), clinical supervisor, and trainer and works nationally and internationally with arts therapists, counselors, verbal psychotherapists, body workers and business coaches. Over the past 15 years she has designed and initiated professional trainings in Poland, Croatia, and Romania, has been a core tutor in the Netherlands and continues to present regularly at international conferences. She is an Honorary Fellow of ADMP UK, a registered UKCP clinical psychotherapist, Fellow of Higher Education Academy, consultant to the DMP profession, and maintains both private therapy and supervisory. Penelope is well known to us in Australia (as Penny) from several visits between 2000 and 2014 in which she has provided professional development and supervision for Australian dance movement therapists.


‘Embodied narratives: Body sensation is a crucial component of any thought process’.

Our bodies are never neutral: our bodies hold extraordinary knowledge about our relational practice. The core of therapeutic work lies in the physical impulses experienced by us as bodily beings and how we receive and reply to those messages as bodily sensations. Could we make better use of important implicit bodily conversations both for our own critical reflection and also in the service of the client/ supervisee? For further information see flyer below.

Date and time:
Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November;
Saturday: 9.30am registration – 5pm,
Sunday: 10am-5pm.

Studio 1, 15 Barnet Way, Richmond, 3121

For ticket pricing and more information on the event click on link to the workshop flyer.  Register via Trybooking: or


DTAA Supervision session

Date and Time:
Sunday November 27th, times TBC

The Stables, 19 Duke Street, Richmond

Members: $65.00, Member Concession: $55.00
Non Members: $120.00  Non Member Concession: $100.00

Take this opportunity to build up supervision hours and be involved in sharing with your peers.
A professional membership clinic will be conducted across the lunchtime break from 1.0 – 2.00 pm. There is no charge for this. It provides a great opportunity for increasing needed supervision hours.
Participants should have an issue or issues in mind that they are prepared to discuss and reflect upon.

Please register for this event by emailing We will provide EFT details on registration. The running of this event is dependent on attendee numbers so to ensure it goes ahead please ensure you register ASAP.