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Spiral Dance – Continuum Movement Playshop

November 27, 28, 29, 2015
Friday 6.30-10 pm, Saturday 1pm-6:30 pm; Sunday 10 am–4 pm
The Art Gallery, Clifton Arts Centre
314 Church Street, Richmond 3121

Our strength is our fluidity. As water undulates, spirals, and flows, so do we. This playshop combines the healing soundstreams and movements of Continuum with the dynamic play of Emilie Conrad’s Jungle Gym Fitness.  We will invigorate our fluid systems and creatively explore our relationship to gravity through waves, spirals and involutions. Dancing with gravity, we increase our adaptability, flexibility and resilience.  Fluid, dynamic strength allows for greater ease and range of movement without the inherent detrimental effects of traditional strength models. Our movement explorations will dance the continuum from slow flow and ease to energizing, dynamic and strengthening. This playshop is appropriate for all therapeutic, movement and bodywork practitioners, and for all bodies and fitness levels.

Run by Amber Gray – an authorised Continuum Movement Teacher and
award winning dance movement therapist.
Amber has worked for many years with people who have survived violation, human rights abuses, and terror. Amber uses Continuum movement as a primary restorative practice in her work, and for resilience after injury, illness and chronic stress. Her teaching often combines Continuum with dance movement therapy, somatic psychology, current trauma and neuropsychological research, movement therapy, life impressions bodywork, ritual, and creative arts.

Download flyer and booking details: ContinuumPlayshopNov2015


Restoring Core Rhythmicity: The Art of Play and Social Engagement for Trauma

December 4th, 5th and 6th, 2015, 9.45am registration for 10am-5pm.
At Abbotsford Convent, Dorm 1, Rosina building, 1 St Helier Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne

Exposure to traumatic events literally and metaphorically “freezes” our bodies, minds and spirits in a “lock-down” of past memories. Current neuro-psychiatric research has shown that when someone is traumatized, a majority of traumatic memory is implicit— or sensory-motoric and image-based. Many of the researchers endorse the use of non-verbal therapies for survivors to fully integrate the past with the present and restore well-being and balance.

This training will support clinicians, dance movement therapists, art therapists, and somatic therapists to work with survivors of trauma (in particular, relational trauma, complex trauma, and trauma secondary to violence) using a variety of very practical, body, movement, and dance-based approaches. It will benefit all mental health professionals who work with survivors of trauma and wish to integrate body-based and creative arts approaches into their work in individual and group contexts.

The pathways include neurobiological research such as Stephen Porge’s Polyvagal Theory, Dance/Movement Therapy, Somatic Psychology, Continuum Movement, and Embodied Developmental Psychology. This workshop will integrate a framework for working with rhythmicity co-collaborated by the facilitator with Dr Porges.

Run by Amber Gray – award winning dance movement therapist.
Amber is a licensed mental health professional specialized in working with survivors of trauma. She is an award winning dance movement therapist, who is trained in Somatic Psychology, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Historic Trauma, and Authentic Movement. She is also an Authorized Continuum Movement teacher and an advocate of human rights.

Download flyer and booking details: RestoringCoreRhythmDec2015