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The DTAA runs regular continuing professional development events to enable our members to keep up to date with the latest developments in DMT and related areas of professional knowledge. We offer activities that will enable all members to reach the necessary hours for professional development per year. Most of our events are also open to other interested professionals. Members who have suggestions for PD topics they would like the DTAA to address, or who would like to offer a PD on a topic of their expertise, should contact PD Committee Convenor Jane Guthrie on or Robyn Price on


Friday 28 October 2022
Pre-AGM Event

“Working Safely with Trauma: The Body and Dance Movement Therapy”

A One Day Workshop with Dr Bonnie Meekums

Live Webinar, Via Zoom
Time: 7.30am to 3.00pm AEDT (Sydney Australia)  |  New Zealand  9.30am to 5.00pm NZDT (Auckland, NZ)
CPD Points: 7 Hours Cat A

This training workshop will include a brief introduction to the theory underpinning Bonnie’s approach (derived from her PhD research), together with experiential exploration of techniques for working with trauma through DMT. The concepts of the ‘dilemma of embodiment’, the importance of psychological safety and containment approach’ in DMP with traumatized people; will be covered. .Also, techniques of management will be taught to participants to allow the establishment of psychological safety. and DMT techniques that can be used for resolution of traumatic memories. This will include consideration of how this approach might influence participant’s practice. Although the focus is on client trauma, given the subject matter, participants need to ensure that they come prepared, with sufficient resilience and support outside of the workshop. Group boundaries including confidentiality will be agreed upon. It is not a workshop for personal therapy.

Saturday 29 October 2022
Pre-AGM CPD Event – AM Workshop

“Waranara: Seeking self, seeking connection with Indigenous culture through reflection and movement”

Presented by Sharon Carpenter

Live Webinar, Via Zoom
Time: 9.30am-12.30pm AEDT ( Melbourne Australia)
CPD Points: 3 Hours Cat A

Due to overwhelming demand, Sharon Carpenter returns with an extended version of her 2021 workshop around connection to Indigenous culture, recommended for practising and student body-focused therapists wishing to increase their cultural competency.

Choice of Tickets Available: FULL DAY (2 x 1/2 Day Sessions) / AM WORKSHOP / PM WORKSHOP

Saturday 29 October 2022
Pre-AGM CPD Event – PM Workshop

“Moving Culturally in Dance Movement Therapy: Understanding Diversity of Backgrounds, Body Language and Traditions”

Presented by Rewa Folwes with Jan McConnell, Sarah dos Santos and Ann Way

Live Webinar, Via Zoom
Time: 1.30pm-5.00pm AEDT ( Melbourne Australia)
CPD Points: 3.5 Hours Cat A

Working with people from different cultures can be a challenge from both the client and therapist point of view. Like words, movements and gestures have their own meanings and can be confusing and misunderstood. To assist in alleviating some of the stress experienced and to enhance movement multilanguage the presenters will be talking about their culture’s movement and dance style and giving us an experiential movement experience for us to think about what it means for DMT. The following presenters will give us a glimpse into their culture and how they use DMT in their practice and how their culture can enhance DMT. They are:
Rewa Fowles with Jan McDonnell- Māori / Sarah dos Santos – Brazil / Ann Way – Vietnam

Choice of Tickets Available: FULL DAY (2 x 1/2 Day Sessions) / AM WORKSHOP / PM WORKSHOP

Professional Development Course over 2 Half Days – Live Online via Zoom

“Healing Processes in Group Dance Movement Therapy: Eight experiences that lead to Therapeutic Change”

Led by International Presenter: Nana Koch, Ed.D., BC-DMT,LCAT,NCC, LPC, CMA

Part 1: Saturday 5 November 2022  |  8.30am-1.00pm AEDT (Melb/Syd Time)
Part 1: Saturday 19 November 2022  | 8.30am-1.00pm AEDT (Melb/Syd Time)

This didactic and experiential course focuses on the eight (8) healing processes that have been identified as elements of group dance movement therapy. They describe “guided group experiences which lead to therapeutic change.” (Schmais, 1985) The eight processes include: synchrony, expression, rhythm, vitalization, integration, cohesion, education, symbolism.

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