Welcome to the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia!

The Dance Movement Therapy Association (DTAA) is the recognised professional body for dance movement therapy in Australasia. It sets the standards for Professional, Provisional Professional and Associate levels of membership, training and supervision. The DTAA also warmly welcomes General and Student members.

The DTAA promotes the growth, development and recognition of the dance movement therapy profession in Australasia by:

  • establishing and maintaining standards for training, research and professional practice
  • providing a means of communication, education and networking between dance movement therapists, other health professionals, employers and clients
  • liaising with other relevant peak and professional bodies
  • providing information and resources for dance movement therapy practitioners, students and the wider community
  • offering Provisional Professional and Professional Membership status to applicants who meet the training criteria, and Associate, Student or Overseas membership to others interested in dance movement therapy.

Member resources include the opportunity for recognition as a dance movement therapist, bi-annual journal, regular news of events, insurance, library and professional development opportunities.



Call For Proposals

Thinking Bodies: Moving Minds
a symposium on the art of embodiment

15-16 September, 2018, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne

What defines the art of embodiment? In somatics and dance movement therapy practices, embodiment is a core philosophical assumption, one that is so embedded in what we do that we may find it challenging to articulate or identify what we mean by the term. This symposium aims to offer opportunities to dig deeper into the various meanings and practices of embodiment, we invite proposals from somatics, movement, dance and dance therapy practitioners for experiential workshops and theoretical presentations responding to the symposium theme Thinking Bodies : Moving Minds. For more information and to submit a proposal please see flier: Thinking Bodies: Moving Minds Symposium


Webinar: Mind-Body Awareness & Practical Strategies with Noa Belling, 7.30-8.30pm 6th March 2018

In this webinar Noa, international best-selling author, somatic psychologist and dance movement therapist, will share her inspiration and some of the practical strategies offered in her new book, The Mindful Body: Build emotional strength and manage stress with body mindfulness. Register at https://www.trybooking.com/TTBJ. See Flier: Noa Belling and DTAA webinar invite

Just Published: DTAA’s new book, Dance Therapy Collections Four

Editors: Jane Guthrie and Sue Mullane, with Elizabeth Loughlin
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Annual Report 2016-2017

Available here



Marylee Hardenbergh, site specific dance workshop, Melbourne, January 20th & 21st 2018

An exciting opportunity to learn with Internationally recognized choreographer, Dance Movement Therapist, and founder of Global Water Dances. Join us for a workshop in learning how to direct a community-based performance or Movement Choir. Understand the therapeutic aspects of creating community-based movement choirs and performances, learn about the overlapping concepts of dance therapy and site-specific dance. Involving dance and dance therapy communities, the workshop will culminate in a site-specific event performed at a place chosen with participants.
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The Performance with Marylee Hardenbergh:

This will take place on Sunday 21st afternoon at approximately 4.45pm. Dancers coming to join in with the performance only, meet outside the Rosina Auditorium. Workshop participants bring a change of clothes with you for the performance. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join in, but only if you wear all white!

International Presenter Sara Boas returns to Sydney February 10th & 11th 2018

When you listen to your body, what does it say? When you witness the movement of your therapy clients or fellow artists, what stories do they seem to tell? This two-day experiential workshop provides a deep experiential dive into your body of experience, develops your skills in facilitating others to share their stories in movement. Rushcutters Bay NSW
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