Weaving Family Threads: Notes on Early Intervention Music-Movement Program Supporting Parent-Child Relations

parent-child relationship, socio-emotional awareness, physical movement, aural receptivity, self-regulation, early intervention

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Weaving Family Threads was a program designed and facilitated for pre-school aged children and their parents/carers, within an early intervention program in 2011. Children with additional needs such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), cerebral palsy, auditory comprehension and communication developmental delay participated through movement, imaginative play, singing and art- making. The sessions aimed to support the development of the children‟s socio-emotional awareness, physical movement, aural receptivity and comprehension, self-regulating and soothing strategies and positive parent-child interaction. The stages within the sessions are described in this paper, along with how the approach dovetailed with the existing specialist perspectives of the intervention program. Challenges of behavioural dynamics and pre- program/post-program rating scales and comments made by parents are presented and discussed. (pp 11-19)

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