The Body in Phenomenology and Movement Observation

intercorporeality, Action Profiling, Movement Pattern Analysis, Laban Movement Analysis, intersubjectivity, attunement

This paper is reprinted with permission from E- motion, UK, Vol. XIV, no.17, Winter. Please note it has undergone revision by the author for publication here.

Janet’s introduction: “The following article was originally presented as a conference paper for Action Profilers International, in Surrey, England in 2001. The audience members for whom it was intended were all professional Movement Analysts, and were familiar with Phenomenology’s view that individual perception is always an intersubjective experience. Therefore, the aim of this paper was to pose questions regarding our experiences as movement observers, in the fields of Action Profiling (AP) (and of course Movement Pattern Analysis, (MPA, a name given later to Warren Lamb’s work) and in Dance Movement Therapy (DMT). The theoretical exploration is an attempt to examine possibilities for aligning the Body in Phenomenology with the practical premises we confer on the body within these fields. This version of the paper has been modified and extended to focus more specifically on Movement Observation within Dance Movement Therapy.” (pp 2-8)

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