“Sit Down, Be Quiet” – A Study of the Effectiveness of Dance/Movement Therapy in an After-School Program

After-school care, attention getting behaviour, dance movement therapy, education interventions, humanistic psychology

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This is an evidenced based research project. The research measured the effects of a dance movement therapy intervention in an after-school care program. The intervention was a therapeutic contract between teacher, dance movement therapist, and first grade students. The number of disciplinary interactions was measured and graphed. The study was designed to compare the number of disciplinary interactions in the classroom when there was no contract, year one, and when there was a contract, year two. A humanistic psychology theoretical framework was used, a model of health rather than pathology, focusing on using the therapeutic contract to increase a sense of safety, support, belonging and intimacy. The study shows that disciplinary interactions decreased dramatically. It is recommended that the study be used to illustrate the use of dance movement therapy in the growing after-school care industry. (pp 2-7)

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