Creative Therapies Association of Aotearoa (New Zealand): Conference Report & Highlights

creative arts therapy, mental health, well-being, expressive therapy, Voice Work, children

Connor’s article titled: “Conference report AUT Akoranga Campus, Auckland.
Theme: Travelling Light: Enabling ourselves and our clients to let go of unnecessary baggage” describes her participation in the opening ritual of the conference, the keynote address and following workshop presented by Tarquam McKenna: “Expressive Therapy – Bridges into Praxis’. Description of her attendance and embodied learning experienced from the second keynote address and attendance at a workshop on ‘Voicework and the Vocal Process’ follows, with a brief note on the closing ritual and dinner in conclusion.

Lesley’s article titled: “Personal Highlights & Aspects that held Personal Meaning from the ‘Travelling Light’ Conference of Creative Arts Therapies Association of Aotearoa, Auckland, NZ, 2005.” is an overview of all that she loved at the conference. Her attendance at two workshops on DMT and on Voice Work and the Vocal process, is outlined with descriptions from her engagement in the sessions. (pp 13-15)

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