Dance is fundamental to our humanity

self-actualization, trauma, resilience, physiological states, restorative psychotherapy, sensory-motoric information

In this article Gray explores the role of dance and its essential role as a healing, empowering and restorative practice which is fundamental to our humanity. Gray draws from her wide experience to portray the ways in which the therapeutic application of dance movement offers clients an opportunity to participate in a process of what she refers to as self-actualization. Gray offers insights into how the cultivation of resilience through DMT may allow the client to begin moving through difficult patterns of pain and trauma. By locating dance movement therapy as an integral part of a wider restorative psychotherapeutic framework, Gray’s article invites readers to explore the value of DMT in terms of its ability to help facilitate physiological state shifts which are crucial to the healing and rehabilitation of victims of trauma. (pp 2-6)

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