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William Feez

William Feez – Bio


William has a MA in Arts Therapy and is a practising arts therapist working in aged care settings specialising in psycho/social support for people with dementia. Energised by the challenge of implementing a workable person-centred model into the pressured work environments of aged care, particularly dementia care, William has found the quality of connection made in relationship is what enables a collaborative participation in the other person’s world. Combining the therapeutic framework of MIECAT’s approach with personal experience helped him to develop the Arts Club Project.

Not Like Pills – The Arts and Relationship in Dementia Care

Edition: 2011 Vol. 9 Nos. 3-4

creative arts therapy, alternative language, relationship, presence, transformation

Heather and William state: “As arts therapy practitioners/group leaders in the field of dementia, we have come to appreciate the prime role of relationship when engaging people with dementia in arts experiences.” And “In this paper, we elaborate on what we mean by relationship and the arts, and embody this discussion through examples from our own practice”. (pp 32-35)

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