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Vivienne Neale

Vivienne Neale – Bio


Viv Neale – is a practitioner in expressive arts therapy, having completed two years training at the Tamalpa Institute in San Francisco. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Therapy from GTA in Melbourne and has trained in dance therapy. In her practice she works with groups and individuals in diverse communities to facilitate change and growth through the expressive arts.

Working with Anna Halprin – Reflections

Edition: 2004 Vol. 3 No. 3

Tamalpa¬†Institute, Daria Halprin, ‘life/art process’, transformational dance, Circle the Earth, professional development

Tony Norquay, Viv Neale and Denis Kelynack, each share a reflection on their connection with Anna Halprin. (pp 5-8)

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