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Theresa Jackson

Theresa Jackson – Bio


Theresa Jackson’s origins are in New York where she completed an undergraduate degree in dance and a masters in dance therapy at NYU. She has used dance therapy in both educational and health settings, with intellectually and physically disabled people, disadvantaged children, adults in the TAFE system and in schools.

An Afterword: being the devil’s advocate

Edition: Dance Therapy Collections 2

Keywords: Dance Movement Therapy, stability, future

Page #: 69

Jackson questions the stability and future of dance movement therapy as a profession and calls for adherence to professional ethics.

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Therapy or Therapeutic

Edition: 2002 Vol. 1 No. 4

Therapeutic definition, semantics, cultural definitions, therapy definition

This article explores the terms ‘therapy’ and ‘therapeutic’ in regard to dance movement therapy, from differing perspectives including cultural. The discussion is followed by an editor’s note furthering these ideas. (p 17)

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