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Sara, RDMT, MA, MCC, is an international presenter, accredited mediator, expert neurolinguistic programmer and an anthropologist, draws on a broad range of movement sources that include contact improvisation, release work, physical theatre, holistic psychotherapy, bodymind centering, yoga and meditation, trance dance and martial arts. She is the founding director, principal coach and creator of the boas tools for transformation and the director of training for the boas professional coach certification – boas pcc™.

Letter to ‘Down Under’, LIFEdance! – Live your life, Dance your life & Transcultural Competence – exploring the body of culture

Edition: 2009 Vol. 8 Nos. 1-2

corporate consultancy, collective transformation, natural elements, professional development, transcultural competence, consciousness

Three articles by Sara:

  1. A letter of introduction to the work she planned to offer at two professional development workshops in Australia.
  2. An article about: “LIFEdance! is a facilitated process for personal and professional development that draws on DMT, leadership development, anthropology, performance, poetry, martial arts, coaching and neurolinguistic programming. The motto Live your Dance, Dance your Lifesums up the ethos of developing vital life skills through creative movement exploration and dialogue –both verbal and nonverbal.”
  3. An article based on extracts from Sara’s book chapter The Body of Culture (Boas 2006) overviewing the 5 level Transcultural Competence model and how it can inform and shape therapeutic practice, community and professional development. (p. 27-33)

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