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Roslyn Lensky

Roslyn Lensky – Bio


Lensky is an occupational therapist who has worked in a psychiatric setting. She began the pain management clinic at Preston Rehabilitation unit and in 1989 introduced Tai Chi into its program. Lensky also teaches creative dance and yoga in the studio setting.

A Movement Program in the Context of Pain Management

Edition: Dance Therapy Collections 1

Keywords: chronic pain, pain management, relaxation, tai chi

Page #: 28

This article describes the development of a relaxation and movement component of a multi-faceted program designed to assist chronic pain sufferers attending a pain management group. In particular a sequence of Tai Chi was taught and used as a basis for further development of movement. Self-report questionnaires filled by clients indicated that this movement component of the program was the most valued aspect. A proposal for further program development is also offered.

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