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Naomi Audette

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Naomi Audette, (June 1970 – February 2011), Professional Member DTAA, Reg. Counsellor /Psychotherapist (PACFA), MA (RMIT), BA (Psych), Grad Dip DMT, (Melbourne University), Dip DMT (IDTIA), was a DMT involved in private practice more latterly in her career. Here she facilitated movement groups for growth and change, that included public workshops. Prior to this she worked at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, in Melbourne, from 2003-2007, where she worked with children, adolescents, and mothers and babies, with a range of mental health issues. And also here, she developed innovative programs that included ‘Blast Off” for boys with ADHD and behavioural issues, and ‘Body Talk’ for adolescent girls with body image disturbances, as well as programs for mothers, babies, and children who had been impacted through family violence. In this situation she was also involved in providing Professional Development seminars for mental health professionals in DMT and use of the creative arts. Naomi was incredibly versatile in her work and able to draw on her experience as a professional performer, acrobat, dancer and Clown Doctor, to engage, connect, move and play with clients.

She had a love of dance and dance movement therapy and an endless consuming interest in both. The book she co-authored, Therapeutic Games for Groupwork, was written whilst she was at the Royal Children’s Hospital *. Prior to her death Naomi changed her name to Mirabei AnRaya Light. This is the name her close colleagues and friends came to know her by, however the majority of her writings were under her former name – the name she was known by professionally – Naomi Audette – which will be used for publishing purposes.

The full title of Naomi’s book, Therapeutic Use of Games in Group Work: When, Why, and How to Use Them, co-authored with Wendy Bunston (who worked with Naomi at the Royal Children‟s Hospital (RCH), was published in 2006. It costs $33. See: DTAA professional resources. See also information about its availability through the RCH website at: Professional Resources

The Writings of Naomi Audette: Part 2

Edition: 2014 Vol. 11 Nos. 3-4

research, artistic inquiry, heuristic inquiry, somatic empathy, mapping, somatic counter-transference

This is an excerpt from the content:

The following articles focus on Naomi Audette‘s Masters work and her investigations into the nature of Somatic Empathy. Naomi sought to address a gap in current dance movement therapy (DMT) literature with her deepening research into the subjective experience of this phenomenon.

The first article: ‘Honouring the voice of the body; Dance Movement Therapy research from the inside out’, tackles an ongoing conundrum for researchers into DMT and describes her choice of research methodology. The second article: ‘Listening through our bodies’, describes in detail her subjective experience of Somatic Empathy as it relates to established frameworks in DMT and other literature. In the third article: ‘Dance Movement Therapy as Rites of Passage – Capturing the Unconscious Field of the DMT Group’, Naomi describes the psychodynamic themes (transference and counter transference) discovered and elucidated though this process. (pp 2-27)

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The Writings of Naomi Audette – Part 1

Edition: 2012 Vol. 10 Nos. 3-4

research, Energy Field, quantum experiences, dyadic process, circle/spiral symbolism, ritual, ancient culture

The Writings of Naomi Audette (1970-2011) encompasses two parts, published across two editions of the DTAA’s Moving ON Journal. Part 1 of Naomi’s profuse writings on dance movement therapy, has been carefully and lovingly gathered together and edited by her colleague and friend, Alexandra Jordan, with the assistance of Monique Buggy. Part 2 follows in Volume 11, No’s 3 & 4. In Part 1, the writings comprise an introduction to Naomi and a reflection on her personal and professional journey by Alexandra. Following are the first two pieces of her work, ‘Dancing the Energy Field; Towards an integrated model of healing’, and ‘Symbolic meaning of the Spiral and Circle’. Addressing two areas of priority for Naomi, the first reveals something of her journey of discovery into the quantum realm, and the second, her research into the themes of ritual. The articles demonstrate her comprehensive understanding of esoteric literature, ancient history, myth and psychology, which she also maps to the physical realm and DMT process. (pp 14-29)

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