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Michelle Mahrer

Michelle Mahrer – Bio


Michelle is a movement facilitator and film maker based in Sydney Australia. She is passionate about the healing power of dance and how dance can catalyse deep change and transformation. She has a Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy from IDTIA and is an accredited teacher of Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythms Movement Method. She currently works as a Dance Therapist at the Montefiore Home for the Aged in Sydney. She also facilitates weekly 5 Rhythms Dance Classes and Radiance Dance, a movement meditation on Sunday mornings. She is an accomplished film maker of dance and has had an extensive international career creating award winning films about dance including the award winning documentary “Dances of Ecstasy”* which explores the ecstatic experience through dance, rhythm and music.

Dance Therapy with Dementia Residents

Edition: 2011 Vol. 9 Nos. 3-4

person-centred, soul, touch, connection, dynamic relationship, aliveness, loving attention

A descriptive piece drawing on the author’s circle based group dmt sessions details the relational qualities and approaches to the work. Reflective vignettes from other authors’ personal experiences with people with dementia set the tone for this work that is described as soul connecting and enlivening. Working within an aged care home setting, the author discusses both the practicalities of working in this setting and the ways-of-being that supports the goals of dmt for this program. (pp 28-31)

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