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Mary Rose Nicol

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Grad. Dip. Nursing (Child and Family Health). Grad. Dip. Visual and Performing Arts (Dance Therapy) 2004. RMIT. Training in Transpersonal Psychodynamics at Living Water Centre NSW – including Sandplay Therapy, Breathwork, Dreamwork and Emotional Release Counselling for Adults and Children. Private practice – ‘Space For Reflection’. Particular interest in authentic movement, sandplay, and expressive arts – individuals and groups. Currently enrolled in post graduate Jungian training at ISAP – International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich.

A Reflection On: The Dynamic Architecture of Communication: Moving, Feeling, and Observing: Space Laban Movement Analysis (LMA)

Edition: 2006 Vol. 5 No. 2

Kinesphere, axes, planes, scales, Affect Theory, Innate primal Affects, Sylvan Tompkins

An experiential workshop led by Sandra Kay Lauffenburger in Melbourne explored the feeling of the Kinesphere, the Dimensional, Defense, and Diagonal Scales, as well as the communicative subtleties contained in each. Ties to Affect Theory were also explored. The workshop was designed for practitioners of Dance-Movement Therapy but was open to anyone interested in Laban Movement Analysis and the exploration of non-verbal communication for professional or personal reasons. It built on the basic components of the Space element of LMA through didactic, somatic, dance, and playful experientials. (pp 20-21)

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Dancing the Dream: An exploration of the possibility of using dream images and dance in a therapeutic context

Edition: 2004 Vol. 3 No. 1

dream analysis, psychoanalysis, authentic movement, psyche

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This article …“explored the idea of taking the symbols that arose in a dream into movement and considered how dance and dreams may have a therapeutic use for people interested in self reflection, exploration and personal growth.” (pp 13-15)

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Enlivening Shape – A Reflection

Edition: 2003 Vol. 2 No. 3

Laban Movement Analysis, Internal space, Shape analysis

An overview of a workshop experience. Themes include the concept of ‘shape’ as proposed in Laban Movement Analysis. Functional shape forms identified by Laban, the Pin, Wall, Ball and Screw are explored and a brief discussion of ‘internal space’ follows. (pp 25-26)

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