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Mary Builth

Mary Builth – Bio


Mary Builth qualified as a physical education teacher in the UK. She has taught and lectured in movement and dance in the U.K., N.Z., and all states in Australia. She was a consultant in movement and dance (8 years) to the education department S.A., and is qualified as a dance-movement Therapist with the IDTIA in Melbourne. She now lives in Queensland teaching dance and dance movement therapy.

Attuning with the Dreamtime: Cultural linking through dance movement therapy.

Edition: Dance Therapy Collections 2

Keywords: Aboriginal dance, integration authentic movement, expressive movement, unfolding movement

Page #: 65

The paper is based on a workshop which aimed to explore links between cultures through the power of the dance. The relationship between Aboriginal culture, dance and mother earth is explained. A description of the experiential component of the workshop demonstrates the potential for dance movement therapy to transform a person into an integrated expressive being. Through connection of the inner and outer being it offers the opportunity for personal power and healing.

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A Tribute: Two Minds Meeting, Moving And Expanding: dance movement therapy with a cancer patient

Edition: Dance Therapy Collections 3

dance movement therapy, cancer support, alternative healing, attunement, transforming, courage, spirituality

Page #: 184

This case study is about the use of dance movement therapy with a dear friend and professional colleague of the author who was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Together we explored the alternative healing method of dance movement therapy along with conventional medical care. My intention was to listen to her needs and give positive support physically, mentally and spiritually whenever possible. Through a creative process I provided movement expression, allowing release of inner feelings and transforming them into dance. Through attunement, progress owed, my client showed great courage and very positive reactions to both my methods and processes. Her use of creative expression and her dance motifs were empowering and gave her great satisfaction. As inner feelings are allowed expression, many negative feelings can be transformed in movement from negative to positive, supporting optimism, hope and courage. Dance movement therapy can reduce feelings of isolation through shared movement support, and provide an access to spirituality.



‘Weaving the Threads’ Conference Reflections: Special Events

Edition: 2007 Vol. 6 Nos. 3-4

In this series of articles, we are pleased to present reflections on integral and exciting occasions within the conference, that included Conference Special Events: “The Movement Choir”; “Performance on the Lawn: Three Songs, Three Dances’ BAH Improvised movement collective”; “Performance from Integrate Stretch” and “Bidding Farewell Through Movement Weaving the Threads – Dancing the Metaphor.” (pp 30-35)

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A focus on Mary Builth: Then and Now …

Edition: 2011 Vol. 9 Nos. 3-4

nature connection, education, community, private practice, Laban, authentic movement, connection

Mary’s reflection’s on her journey with dance, span from her childhood on the moors of Northern England, travelling widely to then settle in Australia. Starting out in physical education and studies with Rudolf Laban unfolded into teaching creative educational dance to people across the lifespan. Mary describes her pathway, being one of the first students with Dr. Marcia Leventhal and the depths and breadths of her work across diverse settings with private practice, group work and teaching. Woven throughout this reflective article is Mary’s passion for DMT’s potential to empower and live with wholeness and to access the “…inner world, that revives, renews and refreshes…”. (pp 4-6)

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