ARBN 633105736

Marita Jacobsson

Exploring creative arts therapy and dance movement therapy approaches for women’s wellbeing in Timor- Leste

Edition: 2018 Vol. 15 Nos. 1-2

This article reports on a series of creative arts and dance movement therapy activities undertaken in Timor- Leste to promote women’s wellbeing. One weekend workshop and one full day multi-modal workshop were offered to women in regional areas to explore and promote the concept of wellbeing. Follow up focus group sessions were conducted to reflect on the creative arts therapy processes. Participants engaged actively and responded with much appreciation and enjoyment, and the different evaluation methods indicated that the activities contributed to participants’ knowledge and embodied experiences of healing and wellbeing. Focus group outcomes with one NGO indicated that Timorese facilitators could adapt the work, indicating the need for further resource development, training and on-going support.

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