ARBN 633105736

Lucy Dubois

Still Dancing with Barbara

Edition: 2014 Vol. 1 No. 1 Vol. 12 Nos. 1-2

laban/bartenieff, kinesthetic sense, power, transformation, creative potential, sensitivity

In this personal reflection Lucy recalls her time studying with Barbara Mettler at a Winter Intensive during the 1980’s. Lucy reflects on some of the movement practices which she experienced during this week and articulates how these ideas continue to inform her dance practice by deepening her sensitivity to her “moving, dancing self.” Lucy calls to mind a particular experiential facilitated by Mettler (an exploration of the state of paralysis into mobility) and discusses how she still, to this day, draws upon the bodily learning which took place many years ago by calling upon the wisdom of the body help to navigate through life’s “rough patch(es)” with ever fresh creative potential. (pp 25-26)

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