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Krystal McClay

Krystal McClay – Bio


Krystal is a recent Master of Social Work graduate from RMIT University, Melbourne and is currently working with young people at risk of homelessness. She has a strong interest in the history and application of Dance Movement Therapy, as well as a concern for the experiences of older people. She hopes that her own interests and research on topics she cares about is of use to others in their creative or practical pursuits

History and application of Dance Movement Therapy

Edition: 2016 Vol. 13 Nos. 3-4

This article is an edited version of a literature review completed during a Research Strategies course, undertaken as a component of a Master of Social Work. The aim of the review was to begin to address a question being posed, by highlighting existing knowledge and identifying a gap which could only be filled by further research. The question pursued by the writer was ‘What impact does Dance Movement Therapy have on the emotional healing of people aged 65 and over, who have experienced trauma?’. The review therefore begins by introducing and explaining the concepts of Dance Movement Therapy and embodied trauma. It goes on to outline the role of Dance Movement Therapy in healing embodied trauma, by drawing on both experimental research and non – experimental literature. In doing so, the lack of such research or literature surrounding the impact of Dance Movement Therapy on older people who have experienced trauma is identified and discussed. Finally, the importance of addressing this gap in knowledge – via further research – is articulated.

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