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John Howard – Bio


John, BA, BSW, PhD is a certified Middendorf breathwork practitioner, the first Australian certified to teach the work. His PhD, completed by research at Victoria University, focused on Middendorf breathwork which has resulted in the publication of a book (details under Ed. Note p.7).  John co-founded the Body Voice Centre in Footscray in 1994. His work at the Centre includes individual and group Middendorf breathwork sessions, along with performance and research projects linking body and voice. He is an avid singer and leads and conducts community choirs.  John teaches voice and performance in the Bachelor of Arts, Performance Studies course at Victoria University.

Breathing the dance: an experience of Middendorf breathwork

Edition: 2009 Vol. 8 Nos. 1-2

somatics, acupressure, hands-on sessions, breath dialogue, group work, consciousness

The following article was written by John on his workshop at the third Dance-Movement Therapy Conference – ‘Weaving The Threads’ – in Melbourne in 2007.

John writes “Middendorf breathwork is a modality that fits well with dance therapy because of its emphasis on embodiment, on the kinaesthetic dimension of lived experience, and because of its orientation to wholeness. At the same time, this form of breathwork also has much to offer the field of dance therapy both in its way of working with clients and in terms of the therapist’s self care.” He describes a few exercises to illuminate breath awareness in the whole body, with the use of positioning, pressure points and vowel sound making. (pp 4-7)

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