ARBN 633105736

Jacquelyn Jung-Hsu Wan

From the development of an iPad app assessment framework to the investigation of transferability of dance therapy

Edition: 2019 Vol. 16 Nos. 1-2

This report is about the recipient of the 2016 Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation grant Jacquelyn Jung-Hsu Wan’s research project in Auckland, New Zealand. Her interest in this project began in 2015 when she attended a DTAA conference in Melbourne where Dr Kim Dunphy and Sue Mullane presented the MARA app. This idea of an app made Jacquelyn think about the lack of standardized assessment tools in the industry. Jacquelyn volunteered with Kim when she brought the app trial to New Zealand and began engaging with her own research. Jacquelyn worked alongside Dr Kim Dunphy in developing a framework for the app, however their discussions and a change in role, led Jacquelyn down another new research path – the investigation of transferability in dance therapy. Jacquelyn became a speaker at conferences presenting ideas to stimulate discussion amongst creative art and dance movement therapists. The focus being “How could we support clients better to transfer the changes they make into their lives?”

Key words: research; transferability; New Zealand; dance movement therapy; curiosity; conference

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