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Geri Silk

Geri Silk – Bio


Geri Silk, MFA, RDT-BCT, ADTR, is a registered dance movement therapist and a board-certified trainer in drama therapy from Morris Plains, New Jersey, U.S.A. She has been teaching water exercise for over 20 years, has invented a unique style merging principles of dance and movement therapy, and advocates dance therapists’ use of their creativity and breadth of experience to formulate water classes. She currently teaches at the YMCA in Randolph, N.J., the Morris Plains Recreation Department (classes for senior citizens), and the Morris County Adaptive Recreation program for people with developmental disabilities. Geri works with people with special needs, teaching them in classes such as Creative Movement, Waterworks, and Poetry Under the Stars. Her teaching venues have included retreats, colleges, parks, and rehabilitation settings. Geri is an Adjunct Professor of Communication at Kean University, Union, N.J., and is currently completing a doctoral dissertation at Rutgers University on the use of imagery in the creative process of choreography in modern dance. She is the director/cinematographer of the rockumentary Street Dancer, the spiritual autobiography of a young man with Down Syndrome who dances his way through the streets of San Francisco performing for imaginary audiences.

Dancing in Liquid Emeralds: Dance Therapy in the Pool

Edition: 2003 Vol. 2 No. 3

kinaesthetic vocabulary, aqua therapy, ideokinesis, buoyancy, flexibility

This is an excerpt from the content:

…“The purpose of this article is to persuade dance movement therapists to explore the joys and benefits of bringing their therapy into the water. One of the revitalizing aspects of dancing in the water is that, moment-by-moment, the liquid environment gives you startling new choices and causes you to move in ways that are totally different ways from the ways in which you move on land.” (pp 20-24)

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