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G.Hoffman Soto

G Hoffman Soto – Bio


Soto is a master teacher of improvised movement theatre and somatic therapies, based at Tamalpa Institute in San Francisco, USA. He has studied, practiced and taught movement arts, including several martial arts and their application to movement, dance and daily life, for over 30 years, both nationally and internationally. Soto is also an international performer. See: for more on Soto’s work.


Edition: 2005 Vol. 4 No. 4

neuromuscular patterns, visualising movement, BodyMind, Somatic psychology, psychotherapy, trauma

This article describes Ideokinesis in-depth providing insight into the relationship between this practice and DMT. Neuromuscular patterns and the nervous system are explained on the conscious and unconscious levels. An overview of the history and development of this approach including the more recent ‘Nine lines of Movement’ leads in to a description of the four factors needed for a successful Ideokinetic Experience. The unique stance of Ideokinesesis compared to more traditional somatic psychotherapies is discussed, along with the model of the BodyMind as a self empowerment discipline. Illustrations throughout and reading references are provided in conclusion. (pp 5-11)

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Life and Art Process and Continuum

Edition: 2008 Vol. 7 Nos. 3-4

creativity, humanness, dualism, shadow phenomenon, universal story, drama

Soto describes The Life Art Process model developed by Anna Halprin and her daughter Daria Halprin and others at the Tamalpa Institute in the US. He writes from both his own personal experiencing of yoga, martial arts and doing art and living a life with this all completely intertwined in being a human being. He explains the Life/Art process through the story of a student discovering how to live her truth, where shadow work, dramatisation, performance and being witnessed were important for her healing. (pp 27-29)

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