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Fiona Watters

Fiona Watters – Bio


Fiona Watters, is completing a Masters in Counselling, is an Ass. Member DTAA, P. Grad. Dip. Dmt, Wesley Institute, trained as a dancer at the Australian Ballet School (Melbourne), worked in Germany as a dancer, is a personal trainer, pilates instructor and is now in dmt private practice.

Reflections – Amber Gray in Melbourne

Edition: 2008 Vol. 7 Nos. 3-4

trauma & torture, Somatic psychology, Developmental Psychology, Poly-vagel /social engagement theory, the continuum of movement, Bartenieff Fundamentals

Fiona and Jane reflect on their experiences of Amber’s workshop in two separate articles. Amber travels far and wide to war-torn countries and disaster areas applying the Center Post Framework (CPF) and Restorative Movement Psychotherapy model she has developed to assist in the treatment of the trauma, torture, and children’s traumatic stress problems, that result from these terrible events. The theory behind the work is applicable to addressing problems of anxiety, stress disorders, or traumas from injury or illness. (pp 44-47)

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