Elizabeth Dempster

Dance – Ideokinesis and Alexander Technique Conversation with Shona Innes

Edition: 2004 Vol. 3 No. 2

dance performance, private practice, contact improvisation, spontaneous composition, aged care, rehabilitation

This is an edited version of the interview which appeared in Writings on Dance #22, Inheriting Ideokinesis, Summer 2003/04 p 49 – 56. It can be purchased through Dancehouse or from Writings on Dance, at PO Box 106, Malvern, Vic. 3144 or email to writingsondance@writingsondance.com

Shona is interviewed by Elizabeth Dempster, exploring her unfolding professional journey across working therapeutically with elderly people in a rehabilitative setting, teaching movement in a university based performance studies program, focussing on movement and her private practice. (pp 16-20)

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