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Drake Bennett

Drake Bennett – Bio


Drake Bennett is the staff writer for Ideas.

Don’t just stand there, think

Edition: 2007 Vol. 6 Nos. 3-4

embodied cognition, rehabilitation medicine, neuroscience, mirror neurons, education, psychology

This excellent article, of great relevance to DMT’s, about how people use their bodies to think, was printed in the Boston Globe on Sunday, January 13, 2008. We are grateful to Drake Bennett for granting us permission to reprint it. 

This article explores the concept of ’embodied cognition’ in depth, from various perspectives including; education, rehabilitative medicine, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy and psychology. Drake cites a wide range of studies that upend traditional thinking about thinking as well as the mind-body split. This concept also “threatens age-old distinctions – not only between brain and body, but between perceiving and thinking, thinking and acting, even between reason and instinct – on which the traditional idea of the mind has been built.” (pp 19-21)

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